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maanantai 22. lokakuuta 2012

40 puestos/astilleros

Solund Verft AS
Telefon: 916 51 051
Telefaks: 57 78 72 00Epost:post@solundverft.noWeb:www.solundverft.no

Ship Yard activity: Reparation, maintenance and construction of ships and ship equipment.
Approximately 40 employees.
The Yard has ongoing contracts for three new vessels. The third vessel is to be delivered summer 2014.
In the last decade the yard has developed and invested more than EUR 5.5 mill in facilities and equipment.
The Yard is located in Solund in the western part of Norway just north of Bergen. www.solund.kommune.no

Electro Mechanic

Work description:
- Work tasks related to repair, rebuilding and new building of ships and ships equipment.
- Work related to repairing and maintenance of tools and equipment at the yard. Trucks, welding equipment etc.
- Work tasks towards other industry, land development and aquaculture activities.
- Main desired qualification: work experience and good knowledge of ships, but other relevant work experience can be useful.
- Other relevant experience can be, but not exclusively: Electrician, Machinist / refrigeration machinist, engine mechanic, industrial mechanic, engineer.
- Skilled trades education; skilled letter and certificate are wished
- Open mind for good communication, collaboration and skilled problem solving.
All vacancies demand a minimum of good English knowledge.
The company has a good pension plan.
Company helpful finding housing and work for possible living partner.
Language knowledge:
1.Scandinavian language
Salary gross: Tariff NOK 180,- pr working hour.
Salary period:Two times a month
Name of the company the contract will be concluded with:
Solund Verft AS 6924 Hardbakke Norway
Type of contract: Permanent employment
Job status: Full time
Number of hours per week: 37,5
Starting date: ASAP
Application by mail preferred (post@solundverft.no).
Covering letter and CV
Language of the documents that should be submitted: Scandinavian language or English.
Whom documents should be sent to: Employer
Contact details to EURES adviser or employer's representative:
Svein-Tore Eide post@solundverft.no / 004791651051

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